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New compilation benefits aclu

Smokey Blends Vol. 1 is a compilation of originals, edits, mashups and remixes by producers from California to Belgium. All proceeds from the release will benefit the ACLU who reminds us that dissent is patriotic and that free speech suppression, racial injustice, distortion of truth and degradation of human rights will not stand. Feel free to download for free or contribute as much as you can to help the cause!

A huge thanks to all the contributers: 

Poldoore, Chris Fox, Sex Pixels, Blue Wednesday, Izzy Wise, Kingmost, Will Magid, Alligator Spacewalk, Brothers In Arms, Zebuel, Captain Planet, Champagne Duane, Disco E, LDoggy, Comrade 

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smoked out soul

Founded in 2013 by Zebuel Early, Smoked Out Soul started out as a mixtape concept fusing southern hip hop beats with classic funk & soul. Eventually he took that sound to clubs, started a bi-monthly party which gave birth to a live act, a production team and now a record label.   

The Party:

Smoked Out Soul (S.O.S) is a one of kind party held at a premier night club in San Francisco now every Thursday at Monarch SF and performed at festivals and venues around the country.  DJ / instrumentalists Zebuel and Will Magid are joined by drummers Paul Oliphant and Brandon Lee to bring you a sound that is both classic and futuristic: “Old School Taste, New School Bass”. S.O.S. blurs the line between a live show and a DJ party, bringing in the bay’s finest musicians and DJ’s playing on top rated sound systems. Come enjoy delicious cocktails with beautiful people as classic soul music is reinterpreted in the moment.

Smoked Out Soul aims at blending the thriving DJ culture with the live music scene in The Bay Area,  putting a fresh spin on a classic sound, tunes rooted in soul with a nod to the future.  

“An immersive experience with live horn players, drummers and guitarists collaborating with sound sculpting producers on a Void surround-sound system.” - Diamond Entertainment & Arts

“If you're into highly skilled musicians, danceable grooves, a bit of the unexpected... all coming through on an amazing sound system, then this is the place to be”  - Donovan “Gordo Cabeza” - Motown On Mondays

"I was so hyped last week from your show! I've heard a lot of funky deejays but your sound really bumps!  Maybe its because you are cueing up a live set, but damn it is hard to come crazy and original now that the funk has so many "standards" in play. The Stax, JB's, Aretha, etc...  But I dig the way you play with them all.  And then the guitar licks really come in sweet!"  - Rickey Vincent - KPFA Radio Host of "History of Funk" and author of "Funk: The Music, The People and The Rhythm of One".

The Live Act:

Smoked Out Soul has taken the show on the road playing festivals and venues up and down the West Coast and beyond. Blending funk classics with futuristic production, SOS features a high energy DJ set laced with live horns, guitar, drums and special guests.

The Collective:

Smoked Out Soul is a team of like minded DJ's, producers and musicians who come together to remix songs and throw epic parties.

Will Magid
Zebuel Early
Paul Oliphant
Enrique Padilla
Chris Fox
Teddy Raven
Alex Attard

The Label:

Smoked Out Soul Records
~ Since 2016 ~

First release "River City Sunset" by Zebuel
available now everywhere!

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